Hatsune Miku - Pop Singer From The Future

Hatsune Miku is one of a kind pop sensation. It is understandable if you are totally ignorant of this new diva especially if you are not of the Y generation. So was I until I heard that she was not your usual pop singer.

Well this pop idol is not human at all but only a 3-D animation, the product of computer designers. If you find it hard to believe that millions of fans are crazy about this singer, you may be even more surprised that she will be making her US debut next month in Los Angeles.

What could be a more fitting arena for the Hatsene Miku concert than at the Anime Exhibition. Many young people are great fans of Anime. I listened to a few of her songs and they were quite enjoyable ( though I couldn't understand a single word as it was all in Japanese.)
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Lots Of Hair Or Losing Hair

They say a woman's hair is her crowning glory. I guess that is true since a great hair style makes us look fantastic. It is no wonder alarm signals start ringing when we see hair dropping as we wash or comb it.

I am very fortunate to have lots of hair. Even with some dropping off I don't need to worry. (for now that is). Besides falling hair we worry about white hair. That goes for both men and women. After all, increasing white hair reminds us we grow older each year. White hair can be easily solved with a visit to the hair salon or do-it-yourself hair coloring at home.

Thinning hair is not as easily dealt with. Some people seem to have this problem more than others so maybe your genes have something to do with it. Sometimes I wonder if subjecting our hair to all those harsh treatments like blow drying, coloring, perming and straightening may have contributed to our thinning hair. Did you know to straighten hair is literally to iron out the curls? No surprise then that we are literally shedding our hair even as we brush it.

Concern for thinning hair is not confined to women alone. Men have balding problems too. Did you see Prince William's thinning hair and balding forehead at the Royal Wedding? He is not the only celebrity male concerned about balding. I read that Wayne Rooney, the English footballer is getting a hair transplant.
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