My wife is a full time housewife,she is very free!

This was not the first time I heard those words from a friend's husband.
It probably won't be the last either.
Every time I hear those words I feel like throttling the ignorant man who uttered them.
I could call him many other names as well but why bother wasting energy on such a useless exercise.

I suppose keeping the home in great running condition, looking after the screaming kids, feeding and bathing them, sending them to and back from school, to tuiton class, cooking healthy and nutritious meals for the family, making sure the hubby has clean and nicely ironed shirts to wear to office are nothing compared to working in the corporate office.

After all any maid can get those jobs done for you!

Let the man spend a week doing those same things his full time house wife does on a daily basis.
You can bet he can't wait to get back to the office!

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