Thermo Pot Or Jug Kettle - Whch Is Better?

Thermo Pot

Whether you choose to get a thermo pot or a jug kettle depends very much on how you plan to use it. I have used both and found they have there are pros and cons depending on your situation.

With children and and others living at home I found the thermo pot really handy. I can have hot water any time of the day to make hot drinks for myself. having hot water so readily accessible is a bonus with kids around to warm up all sorts of stuff like milk drinks which have cooled down,etc. Sometimes I have needed hot water to warm up a face towel to clean up grubby little faces!

The downside of the thermo pot is it takes ages to heat up once you have switched it off. This is especially so in the mornings when so much is going on and you need hot water for breakfast.

Elba Thermo Pot

Jug Kettle

If your family is small and you don't use that much hot water I would suggest the jug kettle. It is quick to heat up and you can get hot water to make your breakfast tea or coffee in a very short time. You can heat up the jug kettle again if you need hot water for other times so that you save on electricity bill.

The jug kettle is very versatile. You can heat up just enough water for a mug or more for several mugs. Just follow the water levels as indicated on the jug kettle.

Jug kettle from Lazada

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