Making Money With RocketMoms Session 11

The holiday season is here. With the month of December, schools are out, many are planning a vacation or already on one. Christmas is just a few weeks away and the malls are already putting up the decorations to entice shoppers. The RocketMoms are here to help shopping easier with their holiday lists.

The RocketMoms have holiday lenses to build as part of Challenge 11.
These are the "Hot 100 Lists" from books, gifts for pets, gifts under $10, toys for toddlers, family games, holiday desserts, best holiday vacations, holiday songs, Christmas decorating ideas and gifts for moms.

So far I have completed 5 of the lenses. We have to create 8 different types of lenses if we want to graduate from session 11. So why do I participate in this challenge?

I find that as I try to complete a different type of lens I learn to stretch myself and in so doing improve on my lens building skills. Of course along the way i make some sales when folks buy something through my lens.

With these 5 lenses I have made two sales so far- from my holiday song lens, Mary's Boy Child. That is what I like about Squidoo. I can earn from my lenses too.

Are you on Squiddo yet? If you are not part of Squidoo yet, you can Join Squidoo Now. It's free! You can Visit me at Squidoo.
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