A New Year With New Toys

Happy New Year! My mobile has been abuzz with New Year Greetings from family and friends. Modern technology has made it easy for us to send greetings to loved ones at the tip of our fingers.

Mobile phone companies must look forward to these special occasions when their SMS sales shoot up the roof. We may moan the way technology has made things so impersonal but I for one welcome the convenience of that little mobile phone. I am able to stay in touch with my family who are frequent travelers. If they are overseas, a message can be sent at the cost of RM1!

This new year will see me enjoying more of today's fancy gadgets. After all my son gave me an iPod shuffle for Christmas. If you happen to see me with ear phones on you know why,lol. I can see why many young people have their ears tuned out to the outside world and tuned in to their iPods.
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