How To Avoid The "Heatiness" From Eating Too Much Durians

Is there such a word as "heatiness"? The double-tongued dictionary defines heatiness as characteristic of certain foods said to cause emotional or physical reactions associated with fever, temper,etc.

The durian sure comes under this category. Don't ask my how but anyone who has eaten durians will tell you that  this fruit is definitely heaty. So if you want to enjoy your durians without suffering its ill effects here are some tips. I don't have scientific proof but from the many tales of durian lovers some of these remedies have worked.

1. Drink plenty of water. The secret is to drink it from the shell of the durian. Not sure how that works but many have sworn by its effectiveness.

2. The heatiness of the durian can be countered by the mangosteen. No wonder the two fruits are often in season together.

3. Coconut water is another cool way to quench your thirst after a thirst of durians. Some stall offer fresh coconut water for sale to cool off the heat.

4. I personally take 2 grape seed extract tablets after a big durian meal.
The grape seed extract seem to have a cooling effect so now I can safely enjoy eating durians as often as I like.

5. Of course the most obvious remedy is not to overeat if you know you have a tendency to develop heatiness after eating lots of durians. Easier said than done, I know.

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