Have You Eaten Any Durians Yet This Season?

Gone are the days when you had to buy durians and then try to open them at home with a parang before enjoying their fruit. Anyone who has tried this knows it is not an easy task.

Durian eating can now be enjoyed at the many stalls set up where you can sit down at tables with your family and friends. SS2 in Petaling Jaya is one such area.

Now I prefer to eat my durians at home. Don;t ask me why. Well, these stalls certainly know take away is a favorite way of buying for many Malaysians. They are ready with big tupperwares for you to enjoy your durians at home.

One of our personal favorite durian species is the "Raja Kunyit" or "Mau Sang Wong". There are so many species that it is sometimes hard to choose. You can take your pick of the sweet, golden colored fruit or you may prefer the ones with a bitter taste.

Chilled durians taste great so you might want to keep extra fruits in the freezer to be eaten at leisure. Gone are the days when you had to finish the fruit as soon as you bought them.

Of course you may have to put up with your fridge smelling of durians. What the heck! It is only for a short while as soon as durian season is over.
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