A Squid Angel

What in the world is that?

In case you don't know who this weird looking squid is, let me enlighten you. They are volunteer Squidoo Angels out to bless any lens which they feel deserve some angel dust.

A blessing from a Squid Angel will also give your lens a small boost in rank and of course additional traffic. Isn't that nice?

When I first joined Squidoo, it was very encouraging to receive a blessing. So now when the opportunity came for me to be part of this program I happily volunteered for the task.

What started as a week assignment has now turned into me being the neighborhood Travel Squid Angel for South Asia countries.

In My First Angel Wings, you will find the lenses which have been blessed. Do visit them and you will understand why I blessed them.

Squid Angel clip art courtesy of Greekgeek on Squidoo.

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