At my age, why bother learning to use the internet?

If you had asked me that question some years back, I  would have said I am not interested to learn. Back then, computers and the internet were still at its infant stage and everything looked too technical for me.

As I explore more of the online resources, a whole new world opens up before me. When I was young, books were the main source of  information. Encyclopedia Britannica was one of the best investments as it had a wealth of knowledge on practically every topic. Now at the tips of my fingertips I can research on any topic and several pages of information is available with current news published, videos, comments by anyone and everyone.

The internet is more than just being able to research on any topic under the sun. I am part of a global community where I can be an active participant. It is not just for the young but also for older folks like me.

After all it is not that hard to learn!
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