Me and my mobile phone!

When the mobile phone was still quite new I didn't see what the fuss was all about. I even commented that people were so crazy about talking to their friends all the time on their mobile.I was quite vehement that I would never be using one.

Well I have to eat my words now because I have joined the thousands, no millions of mobile users. Not for me the iPhone or Blackberry. Just a simple Nokia phone will do.

Why I love my mobile so much is that it allows me to be in contact with my family and friends even when I am out of the house. Gone are the days when you are not contactable once you were out. The few public phones that were available were often out of order or there were just none around. Now there is no need to worry about where I am as long as I have my mobile with me.

I love the text messaging since you can still communicate with someone even though they are not able to make or take a phone call. My children can let me know they are not back for dinner. I can text a message to those working in the office knowing it will not create an interruption with the ringing of the phone. The mobile is great for emergencies when the car breaks down somewhere and I can call the AAM. Life is certainly so much better with having a mobile phone.
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