How did our grandmothers manage without a washing machine?

Last week my washing machine finally gave up and became a useless metal box! It had been hinting it was in its last days with the wash cycles going haywire. Well, it finally died on me and that was when I had to really respect  my grandmother and the generations before her who never knew the convenience of the washing machine.

It is hard, backbreaking work washing by hand. Now the full laundry basket was more noticeable. Washing with the modern convenience was such a breeze. Just throw in the dirty laundry, switch to the right mode of washing, fill up the tub with water , add in the detergent and Voila! Forty-five minutes later out comes a clean, well-spun load of washing ready to dry in the sun.

Off I went to buy a new machine, a eco-friendly, power saving machine. Alas, I had to wait another 3 days before it could be delivered. So for the next dew days I washed the way my grandmother did. No wonder they were so fit and healthy with a work-out like that everyday.My husband laughed at my loud cheer when the wonderful machine finally arrived. You know, for the price I paid, I got a good deal on my "toy" because it was BIG compared to his tiny hand phone which cost much more!

He can laugh all he likes. I am going to play with my "toy" now! If he laughs too loud he can wash his own dirty laundry - BY HAND!

Thank you to whoever invented the washing machine!
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