My mobile phone boo-boos

I don't know about you but I need time to send a text message. My fingers are not so agile to speed text. I actually thought I was quite good until my son asked my why I was taking so long. Well I don't like to use too much short forms as I am afraid the other person may not understand what I am saying. When I first used my mobile I couldn't understand half of the messages I received. I have now worked out the phonetics way of text messages. All those intentional mis-spellings! No wonder people these days can't write proper English! They are so used to using text words.

Do you know what these words mean?
btw, omg, dun wan, ( adding more to this list!)

I finally learned why my mobile won't allow me to type certain words no matter how many times I try in various contexts. It was very frustrating when it keeps deleting the word you want to use.The dictionary was on and it had no such word in its vocabulary! Well I have now switched it off though they tell me that with the dictionary on it is way faster to type a text message.
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