Earning money on Squidoo

When I first started on Squidoo I never thought I would earn money from it. So I never bothered with registering a Paypal account. Since I am a Malaysian the procedure seemed a bit tedious. To my surprise in my first month I earned an incredible US 20 cents!

I finally decided to register for a Paypal account. You will need to register a credit card with the account. Paypal have recently allowed Malaysians to have their payment to be deposited into their local bank account which is fantastic.

My first shopping lens was on Unique Pill Boxes As Gifts as a project for the Rocket Moms. There I highlighted several unusual pill boxes from Amazon and to my surprise people have bought some of these items. Each time a purchase is made I will earn a commission from it.

Van Gogh Pill Box For The Artist 

Van Gogh states: Crazy things happen when you forget to take your meds!

Van Gogh Crazy Things Happen If You Forget Your Meds Pill Box

Van Gogh Crazy Things Happen If You Forget Your Meds Pill Box

Amazon Price: $11.75 (as of 03/22/2010)Buy Now
A fine chrome box to keep your meds safely inside. Comes with 3 internal compartments.

I was so excited by that! So if you are thinking of trying your hand at Squidoo, Sign up for a Paypal acoount.

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